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Shirt Designs

Timeline Tykes has a variety of new clothing wear for everyone.


We have several different sizes of posters to choose for your wall.


Place a Timeline Tykes sticker anywhere, any place or on anything.


Wall Decals

Decorate your child’s room with Timeline Tykes illustrations.



Imagine a child receiving a Timeline Tykes historical postcard.

Flash Cards

Purchase a world of knowledge by owning our Timeline Tykes flash cards.

History can be fun

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Let Timeline Tykes Help Decorate Your Room

Timeline Tykes was created with the little children as our primary focus. Take a moment and imagine a room full of real
historical characters placed throughout your child’s bedroom walls. What a great reminder of world history.

Wall Sticker

Decorate your child’s room with the Timeline Tykes historical sticker illustrations. We have several different history themes to choose
from as well as new posters.

Wall Decal

Timeline Tykes wall decals comes in several different sizes. We have created a wall decal for every historical story we have written for
the Timeline Tyke Children’s line.


Historical Books

How can you decorate a Timeline Tykes room without the an actual Timeline Tykes history book. Do not forget the most important element in your child’s room.


Current Books

Shirt Designs

TLT Stickers

Posters to Date

Reading Time

Get lost through the pages of the Timeline
Tykes history books. Wear your favorite history
shirt from our Timeline Tykes collection.

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Product Features

Hannibal Barca

Once your child read about the history of Hannibal Barca of Carthage they can place his sticker on a folder or a poster on their wall.

Joan of Arc

Joan is known as “the Maid of Orleans.” She is a national french heroine from the 1400’s. Do not let the story be lost to your daughters.

Julius Caesar

The history of Julius Caesar is very fascinating and a lot of fun to read and the opportunity to wear Julius Caesar is also a lot of fun.

Queen Elizabeth I

Purchase Queen Elizabeth and take her with you as reading material for you child. History is something everyone needs to know.

The History of Japan

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. There so little knowledge about Japan therefore, do not miss the opportunity to peek inside.

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt

Cleopatra is another historical female character that has an interesting storyline and we provide the interesting visuals to that storyline.

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Start Your History Adventure Here!

Education through illustration is the perfect way to sway any child to a world of learning and laughter.
Timeline Tykes has created a twelve issue historical base series of books for your children to learn about world history. Start with January’s issue then end with December’s.