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We Teach Children

The Timeline Tykes books are filled with historical facts. We pride ourselves on producing teachable history books.

We Focus On Fun

Our main objective is the education of children using the Timeline Tykes as they have fun traveling through history.

We Put Children First

Every child has the right to learn. All children around the world remain the focal point to the crew at Timeline Tykes.

We Cover The Globe

All of the books we product are given the utter most care and respect from beginning to end. History created with a flair.

Timeline Tykes Story

Timeline Tykes is the creation of Troy Jones a senior graphic designer/illustrator who lives in the Atlanta area who study and appreciates history. After an Air Force convention in Las Vegas Troy was asked if he has a character for his then children’s book. The Timeline Tykes series is the best answer to the that question. Children should know their nation’s history as well as history around the world. Education through illustration is our mission.

  • Illustration 90%
  • Verbiage 85%
  • Factual Information 100%
  • Reseach 95%
Alex Airways

Alex Airways

The Creator

The daily function of the Timeline Tykes is the of responsibility of Troy Jones. It is Troy’s vision that you see in the pages of the Timeline Tykes books. Create a fun atmosphere for knowledge to grow and watch your fruit blossom.

Scotty Script

Scotty Script

The Writer

Reading about history can be considered a boring task if you are a young child. The writers at Timeline Tykes have a method that makes history fun and exciting. Every page is filled with historical facts from our writing team.

Arne The Artist

Arne The Artist

The Illustrator

All of the Timeline Tykes illustrations are drawn by the same illustrator. It is important that all of our characters maintain a consistent look. Our artist has over ten years of experience in the field of illustration and graphic design.