The Children’s View of World History

Learn World History

Come journey with us through our website and learn history. Our main focus targets the little ones and brings fun, excitement and action to learning history.

Unlock The Future

There is a world of stories to be unlocked in our books. Imagine a child spending countless hours reading historical stories of wonderful adventures.

Around The World

Most children know about history in their own country. The Timeline Tykes series introduce several characters from everywhere around the globe.

Fun For Everyone

All of the information in our books are historically accurate. Enjoy the wonderful stories of our past heroes with every member of your family.

Let Us Customize Your Bedroom

Let Timeline Tykes help decorate your child’s bedroom with one of our historical characters. Imagine Joan of Arc as a historical
focus on your daughter’s bedroom wall. Place the Timeline Tykes wall decal in the room and read about history daily.

Visit Our Timeline Tykes Customize Page

Take a look at our Timeline Tykes customize it section. If you do not see what you are looking for please
contact us with your inquiry. Our first priority is teaching world history to your children. Our second priority is
providing the visual needed to make learning fun for all ages.

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Travel With The Timeline Tykes To Japan

Imagine every page filled with historical facts about Japan. Expect to learn how this great eastern nation became a powerful player throughout world history. If you are a history buff, the Timeline Tykes collection is the series you want to purchase. Experience fun, excitement and laughter while you navigate your way through the Yamato and the Edo periods.

Teaching The Tykes

We at Timeline Tykes realize the goal is educating our children about world history. Our books are written
for children of all ages. We pride ourselves on creating, educating and illustrating stories from around the world.
All of our books have factual information about world history with a spoonful of humor.

Education Through Illustration

We created Timeline Tykes as the learning vehicle parents would choose to teach their children world history. Education through illustration is the method we use to pass on historical knowledge to the little ones. Watch their smiles shine brightly as their eyes capture the stories of heroes from the past coming to life through our books. Enjoy family time with Timeline Tykes.

Timeline Tykes Features

We have Timeline Tykes shirts to view on our products page. There is something for everyone. Check out our products and make a selection for you and your family members. We have postcards, stickers, posters, books, greeting cards and much more. Take advantage of our request line included on this webpage.

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Special Feature

We at timeline Tykes are driven for success. Our primary focus is educating children through illustrating. Timeline Tykes has established a policy of hard work and commitment to teach every child through our historical books. In this industry of product designs the “something special” is a cool, classy and creative selection from our products page.

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Take a look and see if the Timeline Tykes have something to encourage your children to learn.
Enjoy navigating through the web pages to find the books that will teach your young child.

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